PyCon, the gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. This is the first year of the PyCon Pune where the community will meet for two days of talks and working on upstream projects in two days of dev sprint.


Nick Coghlan

Nick Coghlan works on software supply chain management tools for Red Hat, and has been a CPython core developer since 2005. Prior to joining Red Hat in June 2011, Nick spent over 12 years working as a software developer, system integrator and system architect in Australia's aerospace & defence sector.


Honza Král

Honza is a Python programmer and Django core developer – since he is scared of the bright and shiny world of browsers, designers, and users he prefers to stay buried deep in the infrastructure code and just provides others with tools to do the actual site-building. Since 2008 Honza has been building content web sites for fun and profit. During this time he discovered Elasticsearch which lead to him joining the company behind it in 2013 to work on the Python drivers.


Praveen Patil

Praveen has been Google Summer of Code alumnus (GSoC 2014, 2015 and 2016). He is also mentor for Google Code-In and proud Fedora volunteer. Actively involved in ExpEYES project (http://expeyes.in), teacher training programs and in the free time develops e-content for National Repository of Open Educational Resources (NROER). Experimenting and exploring the use of Python to actively engage the students and help them visualize the concepts of science and maths and have better understanding.


John 'warthog9' Hawley

An infrastructure and systems software programmer/architect turned to the dark side, now building hardware and embedded software systems that run on them, and a Perl guy, declared a Python programmer.


Terri Oda

Terri Oda gets paid to break things and tell people that they're wrong, all in the name of making open source software more secure. Her work on GNU Mailman helps open source developers communicate, her work with the Python Software Foundation helps introduce students to open source as part of Google Summer of Code, and her work in web security earned her a PhD.


Katie Cunningham

Katie Cunningham is a Python developer who is also a regular speaker, teacher, and writer of technical books. When she's not cursing at computers, Keynote, or poorly formatted chapters, she knits, sews, and secretly writes fantasy books. She is the CTO of Speak Agent, a company focused on helping kids learn English through games. There, she creates iPad apps, websites, and curses English grammar on a regular basis. Katie lives in the DC area with her husband, two kids, and two dogs. You can follow her on Twitter at @kcunning.

The Schedule for PyCon Pune 2017 is now available.
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Development sprints are a key part of PyCon, and a chance for the contributors to open-source projects to get together face-to-face for up to two days of intensive learning, development and camaraderie.


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