PyCon Pune 2018 cancelled

PyCon Pune 2018 started with a huge enthusiasm and to make the event much bigger and better than 2017. The preparations for the event was in full swing until we hit the biggest blocker to continue the event - money.

The event is primarily dependent on ticket sales and sponsorships. As on date, we have received sponsorships from the following organizations: - Python Software Foundation - Red Hat - Travis CI

Though the dev sprints ticket quickly got over but the sales for the conference tickets were not at par like in 2017. With PyCon Pune just ~45 days away, we are short of 12000 USD on budget. Time is running out and after a detailed discussions among the organizers, we have decided to call off the event for 2018.

We really would like to thank the sponsors, registrants, and the supporters for showing interest in PyCon Pune 2018. We have notified all the speakers on the same.

We will start the process of refunding the amount, and this will take at least couple of weeks. If you have any queries feel free to reach out to