Cancellation of Tickets

Cancellation of Ticket of PyCon Pune 2017 is allowed till 14th of January 2017. On cancellation the full amount will be refunded. No cancellation of ticket will be done after 14th of January 2017.

How can I cancel the ticket?
We are handling ticket booking and payments via Instamojo. Therefore, to cancel a ticket you need to create a refund case through Instamojo.
Follow this link to create a refund case

Transfer of Tickets

Transfer of Ticket is allowed till 14th of February 2017.

How can I transfer the ticket?
In case of transfer, send an email to with the subject "Transfer of PyCon Pune 2017 Ticket". The email should contain your name, your email and the details (name, email) of the person you are transferring to. The transfer will be valid only after confirmation from organizers. The confirmation will be sent in form of reply to the email you sent.
Will you generate a new ticket after the transfer?
No, you can forward the email you received from Instamojo to the Transferee after the confirmation email from the organizers of PyCon Pune 2017.

For any queries, drop a mail to